A little about me.....

So who am I? Well, first and foremost I am a good person. (at least I hope that's what most folks think LOL!) I am also a misplaced peasant, and what I mean by that is I was born a European and raised in the south of this hear United States. I'm a mix of all kinds of places and people. Some would say that makes for an interesting stew. Me? I think it just means that I can feel at home just about anywhere and with just about anyone.
I can say with certainty that I was born an artist. I can not remember a time in my life when I didn't think that. There have been times when I have thought about giving it up, but in the end it always felt like giving it up would be like I was giving up an arm or a leg. So here I am, a photographer with illustrative tendencies. One day I may share some of those tendencies on my blog as well. But for now, photography it is.

OH! I have a family too!
(Thank goodness I wore that towel! :) I'm the one 2nd from left. Anyway, we are a motley crew indeed. But bless them all, they put up with my photographic and artistic shenanigans. I'm basically like everyone else tho, wife, mother, sister, daughter, cousin, worker bee. I can honestly say that I love being all of them.

Now on to a more professional description.
Like I mentioned above, I was born feeling that I would be an artist. I started traditionally with crayons, pencils, paint, and so forth. Then one day I got hold of a camera and I found that artistic satisfaction that all artist look for. Yippee! So I pursued photography. I received a BFA in Photography from Parsons School of  Design in NYC (known now as the New School) and hear I am. I have my own little business and I couldn't love it more.Yes, like all of us I am here to make my living using my skills but, just so you know, it's more than that for me. When I am in the creative process there is a profound inner joy that I feel. When I show work to a client and they love the work I have done for them, well..... it's like eating a really, really, really good melt in your mouth piece of chocolate. There is just nothing else like it.

I hope that you will enjoy the work, information and sometimes just all around goofiness I want to share here on my blog. I won't ever get real technical about anything as I am just not that kind of an artist or photographer. But I do hope to show you imagery and related topics through my eyes. Hopefully you will feel like you either learned something new or felt you have seen or read an interpretation from a different point of view. Most of all tho, I hope when you have finished spending a little time reading and looking at what I share, you will have felt it was time well spent.

I wish you all the best.


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