I was recently hired to do a baby portrait session. Now, most parents have their newborns photographed within the first 2 weeks of life. That's when a photographer can get those really cute poses you see all over the internet. You know, the head propped up by the hands, you can fit them in a stretchy hat, or put them in a bowl or basket. Since the babies are sleeping virtually 24 hrs a day they are very pliable and pose-able. Those sessions are not easy but well worth the time and effort. Fast forward to 2 months old and you have a baby who is more awake and alert. Posing becomes different as they have uncurled themselves from the fetal position. They like to stretch out and are beginning to show how curious the are becoming about the world around them. To me this time is almost more challenging than a 2 week old. Although it still takes a lot of time to do the session, the approach to that session changes. Now you see glimpses of the babies true personality start to emerge. And man, is it wonderful! May I introduce to you baby Mia!


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