I am up late (again). I have odd sleep patterns during the summer months. Usually I am up editing or working on art. So tonight I was working on some new portraiture.
I really do love portraits. I love the whole idea of them. Not only am I capturing someone in a moment in time, I am capturing a part of who they are.
      Other than creating a beautiful image, my main concern is getting my client to feel comfortable. It really can be nerve wracking for them. I feel that most people feel really vulnerable right before and at the start of a session. They have taken the time to pick out clothing, do their hair and / or make up and, have consulted me several days before our session to talk about what will look good and what kind of  location we are going to. There is a lot of time invested by my clients and they want it to be as perfect as can be. But perfection comes from the ability of someone to relax and let go of that anxiety while a camera is pointing at them and the shutter is clicking away. Once I can get a client to do even a small amount of that, then I begin to be able to capture that moment. Every photographer knows that, THAT, is what tells you when to push that shutter release. The feeling when you know you caught it. That moment in time when you captured a part of who they are.
                                                                  'Portraits of a Lady"


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