So...summer is here. Kids are out of school. I pretty much stopped setting my clock and, I'm staying up later and working on my photography and art. (and playing FB games... I won't lie) Not such a bad gig if you ask me. One of the things I have set as a new goal however, is to learn how to use all this new social media to build my photography business and to just share. Not an easy thing as I have never been what anyone would call highly disciplined. ( I can attest to that every day as I reach for a Swiss Roll). Anyway, in researching how to blog and communicate I read over and over that I should just be myself and let people know my personality. I say.... good luck to THAT! Cause I'm a little quirky and as my friend who is a big time blogger at "This Full House" so eloquently describes herself.... dorks of a feather flock together. Thank you Liz. A can't find a better description than that. Oh! by the way, that photo up there was taken a 6 Flags. I like that place a lot. It's like going to a county fair that never packs up and leaves.


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